US Population Statistics

At GeoLytics, you will find products that transfer the immense quantities of data gleaned from U.S. censuses into an effective, workable format. Our materials give you the opportunity to work quickly with the data that is important to you. You can create custom maps, custom reports, and you can even develop your own variables to further explore a particular section of the population.

While current U.S. population statistics can be used in marketing, research, planning, and more, you need to compare current stats with historical data in order to get a clear picture of population trends. Our Normalized Data products allow you to make these comparisons, and they adjust data to reflect the changes in geography that occur over time.

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These products include the Neighborhood Change Database (1970-2000), Demographic Changes in America (1990-2000), the 1990 Long Form in 2000 boundaries, and much more. These materials illuminate shifts in the culture and population more effectively than any others on the market. They can be used to study demographic trends, and they can also become teaching tools for secondary or university classes in history, social studies, business, economics, anthropology, and more.

We have helped thousands of corporations, government agencies, schools, and research facilities utilize U.S. population statistics to effectively develop marketing campaigns, planning strategies, and groundbreaking urban studies. There is virtually no limit to the options our census products offer you. Call 1-800-577-6717 and we will help you use the data of yesterday and today to plan for tomorrow.