Market Segmentation

Market segmentation is how businesses determine who they are going to sell to, and how they are going to sell to those people. As the makeup of the country changes, markets are beginning to break down along different lines. Whereas in the past companies generally focused on specific age groups, they are now focusing on ethnic backgrounds, economic status, and other variables that are blending the lines between different segments of the market.

When you use the products we have created at GeoLytics, you will have the ability to perform research based on market segmentation according to a variety of levels. Our materials provide you with the resources needed to focus on every area of the country's population, from a national to a block scale. The geographic and demographic data that we provide is the most comprehensive available. It allows you to track age, race, spending trends, growth areas, and much more.

The specificity of the data we provide allows you to approach market segmentation from every angle. Our products also have tools that make it easy for you to create visual references such as thematic maps. You can perform searches and conduct reports on the data and variables that are important to you, so you can quickly customize your market research.

We have taken enormous amounts of data and compiled it into easy-to-use CD or DVD products. You can now study market segmentation throughout the entire nation with one resource. Call 1-800-577-6717 to find the products that best suit your needs.

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    Market Segmentation Product
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