Site Selection

Site selection can make or break a business before it ever even opens. Location, for many companies, dictates who they can sell to, how they can market, and how much they can charge for their goods or services. If you miscalculate your site selection, you can quickly find yourself without a customer base and without a chance to recuperate your losses.

There was a time when site selection was a very manual procedure. Business owners would visit potential sites and do their best to gauge the market. They could study competition and certain elements of the local population, but they could not get a complete picture of the area, because they simply did not have the resources to do so. At GeoLytics, we have changed all that, and revolutionized the process of site selection.

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Our demographic data products allow you to determine the best business site location without moving from your computer. You can use information about the population based on census studies from 1970 to the present. Our materials offer you thousands of variables and comprehensive details about geographic regions as small as a zip code or even a census block.

We have helped businesses in almost every industry do the type of exhaustive market research that is required to make the proper site selection. However, we have packaged all of the data sets and tools in a fast and easy-to-use format. In many cases, a single DVD gives you access to everything you will need to find the perfect location for your business. Also consider the fact that our products are less expensive than the services of our competitors, so those who switch can save thousands of dollars. Call 1-800-577-6717 or order online to start planning for your business's future, today.