Profiling and Custom Selection

In order to expand your market, you need to know who your customers are and what common themes or traits they share.

Market Segmentation selection My Address List allows you to profile your entire list of customers so that you can determine what your customer base looks like. By segmenting your list by product line you can also differentiate your customers by profiles by product line. For example, do your customers for your most expensive product line look the same as those who purchase the mid-range option? Run them as separate lists and see how similar or different they really are.

Most of us have as the largest marketing challenge determining who our customer is and then where to find more people just like them. "My Address List" solves the first part of this question and then "Find People" will solve the other half.

Reasons to Profile YOUR Customers

  • Understand Market Potential
    An accurate profile of your customer base lets you analyze market areas or neighborhoods that have these sorts of customers so you can see where to move into - new areas to test out, in other words - where market opportunity exists.
  • Improve Targeted Marketing
    By identifying and understanding your customers and the profiles they belong to, you can market to those who are most likely to purchase your products. You can improve response rates and ROI by accurately marketing to prospects with offers that are most likely to appeal specifically to them.
  • Choose Better Sites
    Once you know who your customers are you can look for other areas with a similar profile - that´s where you want to expand or try a new market.