2010 Census

Every ten years the US Census Bureau is mandated to take a full count of the US population - they have been doing this since 1790. The 2010 census will include the Short Form and the Redistricting data sets.

2010 Census is the benchmark for all of the modeled data that will be forthcoming for the next decade. It is the basis for the county level annual estimates that the Census Releases and is used to determine Congressional seats and districts, funding for various government agencies, and will be used for planning issues for many local, state and federal groups.

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At GeoLytics, we will distribute a full line of 2010 Census products. 2010 Redistricting has the most robust boundary files, including such geographies as Congressional districts, Upper and Lower State Legislative districts, Voting districts and several versions of School districts. The Short Form will have full breakouts of age by race by gender, housing counts, group quarter assignments, family structure, etc. We will also offer both of these products at the Block level (covering the 8 million + blocks in the US). The 2010 Census is the only full count of all Americans that is conducted - all of the other data sets are modeled data based upon these critical data sets.

If you are trying to understand who the American population is - then the 2010 Census is a critical starting point. Call us at 1-800-577-6717, and let us help you better understand America today.