1990 Census

Census 1990 is a unique software package that combines an enormous amount of valuable demographic statistics with the power to easily select, map, and export the data. This is the easiest-to-use and most complete source for detailed information about the people, housing, and economy of the United States in 1990. Data reports and thematically shaded, color maps are created on the fly. You don't have to open multiple programs, import boundaries, or edit files and tables, and you don't have to be an expert in statistics or mapping to use this product.

How Can CensusCD 1990 Long Form Benefit You?

  • CensusCD 1990 Long Form lets you easily explore, analyze, and visualize an enormous amount of detail about the people, housing, industry, economy, and places in the United States.
  • The data are used every day by marketing analysts and researchers, media companies, utilities, community planners, health professionals, real estate consultants, business owners, social and political researchers, state and local governments, journalists and librarians. Anyone who needs detailed demographic information will benefit enormously from CensusCD 1990 Long Form and our other census-based products.
  • If you need answers concerning the demographics of the United States, then CensusCD 1990 Long Form will not only save you both time and money, it will improve the quality of your work and your competitive edge. It is critical data for making choices about site location, consumer marketing plans, social policy, budgeting, and millions of other important decisions. Governments and corporations routinely spend thousands of dollars for this amount of data and the software to make it useful.
  • While some of this data is available from the Census Bureau and other sources on the Internet, only CensusCD brings it together in a simple package that includes the data as well as thematic mapping. No other demographic product gives you this much value in one package.
  • CensusCD products make it both affordable and practical to put all the power of census, demographics on your desktop computer and map it.

CensusCD will help you answer questions like these in just a few simple steps

  • What is the average rent in Piqua City, Ohio?
  • How do zip codes in New York (city or state) rank by median household income and what does it look like on a color map with red showing the highest levels of income?
  • What is an income profile for a certain census tract in Baltimore?
  • What does a shaded map for Chicago, Illinois, look like showing population by Hispanic origin for all of the census block groups in the city?
  • How many people speak Chinese within a 15.5 -miles radius of Seattle?
    What is the percentage of people with higher education in the block around 15, Broad street, Newark, New Jersey?
  • Where do the most people of Japanese origin live in Los Angeles county, California?
  • How much time do people in your neighborhood spend on daily commuting?
  • And on and on. CensusCD 1990 Long Form provides you with simplicity, value, and flexibility.
  1. 1990 Long Form (STF3)
    1990 Long Form (STF3)
    from $500.00
  2. 1990 Short Form Blocks
    1990 Short Form Blocks
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