2000 Census

Census 2000 Package: includes all of our 2000 Products: Long Form, Short Form, Redistricting, and the 2 Block products. This gives you access to all of the 2000 data for all of the geographies.

2000 Long Form (SF3) – has all of the most important variables, such as income, employment, housing value, educational attainment, along with most of the variables from the Short Form etc.

2000 Short Form (SF1) – is the 100% count data that all Americans are required to complete. It has the basic information about Americans – age, race, gender, family structure. The 2000 Short Form also has detailed tract-level information about Hispanic, Native Americans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders background categories

2000 Short Form Blocks – is the SF1 data set but at the block level – covering all 8.2 million blocks in the US.

Redistricting – is the file that Congress uses to redraw the boundaries. This data set is very limited but has a very robust geographic boundary file including things like Voter Districts, Upper and Lower State Houses, school districts, etc.

Redistricting Blocks – this has the same data limitations and robust geographic abilities. This is the basis for creating area-to-area correspondence files.

Blacks in NYC Metro Area: Census 1970
Light Red Areas have >2% to 14 % and Dark Red Areas have >14%

  1. 2000 Long Form (ST3)
    2000 Long Form (ST3)
    from $495.00
  2. 2000 Redistricting
    2000 Redistricting
    from $349.00
  3. 2000 Redistricting Blocks
    2000 Redistricting Blocks
    from $349.00
  4. 2000 Short Form (SF1)
    2000 Short Form (SF1)
    from $349.00
  5. 2000 Short Form (SF1) Blocks
    2000 Short Form (SF1) Blocks
    from $349.00
  6. Census 2000 Package Plus
    Census 2000 Package Plus
    from $850.00