Estimate and Projections

Get all your demographic data and demographic maps with Geolytis current year population estimates and 5-year population projections. Business researchers need the most up-to-date information for planning and marketing. With our current year estimates and 5-year projections consumer expenditures, and profiles businesses can target their best business strategies and profile customers. Estimates and projections are essential Business data for all business marketing plans.

And now extend your marketing plans with our new Extended Estimates – cover 2029 and 2034 – you can look at numbers projected out 5, 10, even 15 years into the future.

The U.S. Census Bureau releases limited population estimates at the state and county level only. These data are simple estimates of total population growth with few variables. GeoLytics estimates and projections data expands on the census counts to include age, race, sex, housing, income, poverty, employment, and educational attainment. Plus, with our demographic estimates, you get access to data down to the zip code, tract and block group level. Our Premium version will also have towns, cities and MSAs and our Block level data has just that - data at the block level.

If our standard current year estimates and 5-year projections are not adequate for your project, we can add the intervening years. We also build projections for other years, such as 2040 or 2050. Based on GeoLytics' sound methodological foundation, we can provide you with the estimates and projections data you need for any research project and at any geography.

Alternatively, if the variables we currently offer aren't adequate, GeoLytics will develop new fields specifically for you depending on the source data that is available. Furthermore, we have multiple geographies available including the census block, block group, tract, zip code, MCDs, and more.