Population Projections

When fully mined for details, population projections can do far more than simply predict the growth of a particular area. Studying accurate and informed population projections can allow you to extrapolate current trends into the future. These tools can be invaluable to a new company or a business that is interested in expanding.

Population projections are also critical elements in the urban planning process. Government agencies and utilities companies that do not use effective population projections can quickly find themselves unable to fully support an area. This problem is evident in a number of mid-level cities that experienced population booms in the 1990s where roads are more congested than they are in the largest cities in the country, and electric and gas companies struggle to provide residents with a full range of services.

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At GeoLytics, we make it easy for you to use population projections for business, planning, and education. Our Planners Package provides demographics data from the ‘80s to the present. It also offers detailed population and housing projections through 2010. You can use our products to study several different geographic boundaries, so you can conduct research on a large or small scale basis.

The future will always involve conjecture. However, if you have the right tools and the most accurate information on the past and present, you will be much better prepared. You can explore our catalog to order or learn more about the Planners Package and all of the other demographics products we offer, or you can call 1-800-577-6717 with any questions you have.