Customer Profiling

There is a truism; people live near people like themselves. Understanding who your customer is and how to locate them is a critical part of any business success. And it is the basis of our new product - Spectrum Market Segmentation.

Customer profiling is based on building common definitions that groups of people will fit into. These are based upon age, race, income, housing choices, household structure and more. Spectrum allows you to use our existing segmentations or you can build your own with our "Find People" selection. We have 48 multi-variate selections and then 30+ other selections that you can use to build your own profiles.

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At GeoLytics, you will find the most effective customer profiling tools on the market. Our Spectrum Segmentation product is designed to answer the basic marketing questions: Who are my customers? What types of people are attracted to my different offerings? What kinds of people live near a given address (store location)? What kinds of people live in a given geographic area (this is useful when trying to decide where to locate a new store)? And where do certain kinds of people live (when trying to market to new customers)? Our product allows you to build or use our pre-established customer profiles at the block group level. This will allow you to pinpoint the exact location that is best for your business or the ideal are to target your mailing.

If you are trying to expand your market, find a new location, or just better understand your existing customers so that you can better market to them - then customer profiling is vital. Call us at 1-800-577-6717, and let us help you better understand your customers.