Geocoding, Zip+4, Site Reports

Our geocoding and site selection product lines lets users append demographic data to their files by street addresses, latitude/longitude, or zip+4.

In deciding which product is right for you, you need to answer only three simple questions:

  • Do you want information for a radius around your address or do you want the information for just the block group or tract in which your address is located?
    The Site Report will run 3 concentric radii around your address whereas the GeocodingDVD will give you information for the exact block group or tract within which your address is located.
  • Do you have a full street address or only the zip+4?
    To use either the Site Report or the GeocodingDVD you need a full mailing address whereas the Zip+4 product only needs the 9-digit zip code.
  • Do you have a handful of addresses or do you have hundreds, thousands or even millions?
    The GeocodingDVD and the Zip+4 product work well for a handful or millions of addresses – they can do either. The Site Report will only do one address at a time. So if you have a lot of addresses then you should consider getting the Batch Site Report or the Site Report API