2010 Census

Official Census 2010 Data

The U.S. Census Bureau has released three data sets for 2010. The first is the Redistricting, the second is the Summary File 1 (SF1) and the third is the American Community Survey (ACS). The first two are considered the official decentennial (occurring every ten years) census. The ACS is not officially part of the official census but has replaced the "Long Form" or SF3 that was historically part of the census.

  • 2010 Census Package - comprised of both the Redistricting and Summary File 1 at all of the geographies including Blocks.
  • 2010 Redistricting - Public Law (P.L.) 94-171 requires the Census Bureau to provide only counts of the total population for a variety of geographic areas to be used for the redistricting process. In addition, other data items such as race, ethnicity, voting age and housing unit tallies are included in this data set.
  • 2010 Summary File (SF1) - the 100-percent data counts with both demographic profiles, summary files of aggregated data, and reports. This has most of the same geographies as Redistricting but a much more robust data set.
  • 2010 Block Data files - both the 2010 Redistricting and the 2010 Summary File include data down to the block level.
  • 2010 American Community Survey (ACS) - while not officially part of the 2010 Census this data set replaces the "Long Form" or SF3 released in prior census years. It includes variables such as income, housing value, employment, ancestry, educational attainment etc.

Normalized 2010 Census Data

2010 Summary File 1 in 2000 Boundaries - the official 2010 SF 1 data crosswalked to the 2000 census geographic boundaries. This allows the user to compare the 2010 data with the 2000 census numbers (as well as other normalized products that are in the 2000 boundaries) in the same apples-to-apples geographic boundary definitions.

  1. Redistricting 2010
    Redistricting 2010
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  2. Summary File (SF1) 2010
    Summary File (SF1) 2010
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