Demographic data is often used in a variety of applications, like marketing analysis and educational studies. However, one of the most common requests of those individuals working with demographic data software programs is the ability to pinpoint and analyze information by location.

Our unique Geocoding software program, Geocode DVD, takes an individual address or a database full of addresses and parses them so it can apply the exact latitude and longitude of the address. It then correlates these coordinates with the Census Block location and appends the selected demographics for the Block Group or Tract where the property resides. Our GeocodeDVD allows you to select 60 plus demographic variables, so you have an impressive range of useful information at your fingertips.

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Our TelcoCD 2005 and expanded Zip+4 2004 with Demographics package also feature 60 plus demographic variables, such as income, employment, education and more. The TelcoCD 2005, which comes in both Standard and Premium versions, allows you to obtain important data for over 62,000 area codes and prefixes or determine the NPANXX prefixes within certain boundaries. The Zip+4 2004 CD, however, is better suited for those individuals who wish to analyze demographic information by zip code.

We have worked closely with thousands of companies and organizations in a wide range of fields. Our products can help you conduct thorough consumer research, or they can be used to study trends that will affect urban planning, education, and more. In addition, we make these various products available to you at very reasonable rates, so you can save thousands of dollars if you are currently employing the services of one of our competitors. Order online, or contact us at 1-800-577-6717 to learn more about our products and their geocoding capabilities.