Geocoding - allows you to look up addresses and append the corresponding US population statistics for the immediate area (Block Group or Tract). This can be done for an individual address (manual mode) or for thousands or millions of addresses (batch mode). In either case, you can choose to append demographic variables to your address to help you define the area and profile your customers. You also get a map that shows the location of your address(es).

Who should use our GeocodingDVD?

This product is ideally suited for several industries:

  • BANKING - Demographic data is reported at the tract level meeting the reporting requirements for many banks and lending agencies. Additionally, this product codes to the exact census block then the tract numbers are assigned, not just an approximate one, giving the product superior accuracy.
  • MARKETING & SALES - By automatically appending demographics to your addresses, the GeocodingDVD lets you profile your customers with one easy-to-use product.
  • MEDICAL RESEARCHERS - Because you own the disk you don't have to release your list to a service bureau, thus assuring the confidentiality of your patients' names and addresses.
  • BUSINESSES - If you know where your customers live, you can profile your typical customer with our built-in demographic data.
  • RESEARCHERS - The GeocodingDVD appends the Census Block number to each address, with it you can add thousands of variables from our other products to your dataset. If you use data from one of our normalized data products (the Neighborhood Change Database, CensusCD 1980, 1990 or 2000 in 2010 Boundaries) you can even append data from 1970, 1980, 1990, and 2000 to your current address list.

Our GeocodingDVD offers the following benefits:

  • Fast and Efficient -The GeocodingDVD can process 1 Million addresses/hour (on a 2 gig machine)
  • Easy-to-Use - GeocodingDVD has an intuitive, easy-to-follow menu with click on/off screen selections. With just a few mouse clicks you can assign the fields and select the variables you want to incorporate.
  • Powerful Data Set - Unlike most geocoders, ours comes with built-in demographic data fields. You can attach any or all of these variables to segment your database into markets. And with the GeocodingDVD with Estimates/Projection, you can segment your list by race, age, home ownership, income, housing value, etc.
  • Data Enhancements - The Geocoder is designed to create outputs that will allow you to use our other GeoLytics products to extract a more comprehensive data set if you need more than the data set already included for free.
  • Address Editing - Incorrect addresses can be corrected (misspelled streets, ambiguous or incorrect street numbers, etc.) for more complete address matching.
  • Regularly Updated - The current address blocks have been updated with the latest TIGER/Line ® Shapefiles
  • Affordable - GeocodingDVD is competitively priced for small businesses, retailers, mortgage lenders, independent researchers, and anyone who values a good deal on an accurate and dependable product.
  • Flexible - Use the Geocoding in manual mode to check one or two addresses, or in batch mode to process your whole mailing list.
  • Easy to Visualize your Customers - by looking at the map for a batch mode you can see a scatter plot of the location of each customer
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