American Community Survey (ACS)

The Census Bureau is no longer offering the Long Form (SF3) as part of the decennial census of the population of the United States. Instead they are conducting ongoing surveys that they then tabulate at the end of the year, sum to 3-year and 5-year estimates.

The American Community Survey estimates include demographics such as Income, Employment, Commuting, Education, etc. They describe the average characteristics of population and housing over a period time (1, 3 or 5 years from January 1 through December 31). The multi-year estimates do not depict what is going on in any particular year, only what the average value is over the full time period.

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Our products include the complete 1970 census on CD. It has data for the nation, states, counties, MCDs, and tracts. With it, you have access to county and tract maps from the time, and you have the capability to print original data reports. You can also export map boundaries, removing and adding water when necessary.

In order to understand the trends of the day and to make accurate assumptions about the future, it is imperative that you have an understanding of the past. The 1970 census sheds light on how the country has changed in the past several decades. However, it is not simply a research tool. The demographics of the time can be used to help in the planning of present-day ventures. Call us at 1-800-577-6717 and to learn more about what the 1970 census has to offer you.