2000 Redistricting Blocks

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CensusCD 2000 / Redistricting Blocks is based on the first detailed data available from the 2000 Census, the Redistricting (Public Law 94-171) data.

CensusCD 2000 /Redistricting Blocks reports the population, racial and ethnic data at the Census Block Level (all 8.2 million). Block level data allows for a significantly higher resolution of demographic analysis than viewing data at the Block Group level.

CensusCD 2000/Redistricting Blocks also includes 1990 Redistricting data normalized to 2000 geographies thru a sophisticated (and proprietary) 1990 to 2000 Block weighting process, built from the analysis of both TIGER 1992 and TIGER 2000.

CensusCD 2000/Redistricting Blocks is the most comprehensive set of Census 2000 data boundaries available.

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Geographic Identifiers 71 variables
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