Time Series Research Package 2010

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Product Description

The Time Series Research Package is our most complete Census based package. It includes the census data in their year-specific boundaries as well as normalized (cross-walked) to the 2000 or 2010 boundaries. Between every census there are many areas (tracts, zip codes, block groups) that get redrawn. With these normalized data products, you can account for changes by seeing the data from various census periods in the 2010 boundaries - as if the 2010 boundaries had been in place in 1970, 1980, 1990, or 2000).

The Time Series Research Package comes with all of our

Census 2010 products:

  1. Redistricting
  2. Summary File 1 (SF1)
  3. American Community Survey

Census Data from Previous Decades Normalized to 2010 Boundaries

  1. 2000 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries
  2. 1990 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries
  3. 1980 Long Form in 2010 Boundaries – coming end of February 2014
  4. Neighborhood Change Database (1970-2010 Tract data)

Census 2000 products:

  1. Long Form
  2. Short Form
  3. Short Form Blocks
  4. Redistricting
  5. Redistricting Blocks

You also get all of our Long Form products from previous Censuses:

  1. CensusCD 1960
  2. CensusCD 1970
  3. CensusCD 1980
  4. CensusCD 1990
  5. Plus you get 1990 Short Form Blocks

In addition, you also receive our older censuses normalized to the 2000 boundaries:

  1. CensusCD 1990 in 2000 Boundaries
  2. CensusCD 1980 in 2000 Boundaries

The price for all of these products if purchased separately would be just over $18,000, but as a bundled package it is only $7,995, a more than 55 % discount! 

The Time Series Research Package (TSRP) for 2010 is available on DVDs or USBs instead of all of the old CDs. If you already own the 2000 version of the TSRP then you can upgrade to the new 2010 version and replace your existing CDs with DVDs for easier use as well as obtaining all of the new data as it becomes available.