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CensusCD Blocks is the first product on US market to contain complete demographic and housing data and map boundaries from the US Census Bureau for all 7 million+ census blocks nationwide on a single CD. Census blocks provide a significantly higher resolution than block group for basic demographic and housing data

This single CD contains all the population and housing data from the Census Bureau's STF 1B and PL94-171 files, the latest TIGER boundaries, and over 50 geographic identifiers including 1980 FIPS codes. ZIP Code to census block relationships.

CensusCD Blocks incorporates many other value added data items and tools such as calculating population and their characteristics by distance around a point and enables customized data and map extracts based on user-defined variables or geographic identifiers. The ZIP/census block relationship also provides, for the first time, instant access to the geographic basis of the Census Bureau's STF 3B ZIP Code statistics. Imagine popping this CD-ROM into your computer and, without any other software, getting instant maps end fascinating information on your own block or any of the Nation's other 7 million blocks

CensusCD Blocks is the solution for government business and academic users who need easy and instant access to small area statistics and geography below the block group and ZIP Code level. For existing GIS users, data and maps can be exported as ArcView shape and MapInfo mid/mif files. For non-GIS users, thematic mapping, query capability and statistical tools are built into a stand-alone sophisticated mapping application that seamlessly integrates incredibly detailed information. This unique product offers an unparalleled breadth of data and revolutionary on-the-fly technology to extract, create, and export data and maps for any block and community in the Nation.

Users can quickly ad easily view, query, map, and export small area census data to word processors. spreadsheets, desktop publishers, as well as to high end desktop GIS software such as ArcView and MapInfo. This product offers hundreds of uses for local, state and federal government, business, academia, schools, and libraries and provides a valuable contribution to the Nation's demographic and GIS marketplace.

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