Census Reference Package 2010

from $1,995.00
Product Description

Census Reference Package is a collection of the official Census data releases from 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010.

It includes the following from 2010:

In addition it has all of our Census 2000 products:

  • Census 2000 Long Form (SF3)
  • Census 2000 Short Form (SF1)
  • Census 2000 Short Form Blocks
  • Census 2000 Redistricting
  • Census 2000 Redistricting Blocks

It also includes the full Long Form (SF3) data sets for the previous 3 decades

This reference set provides all of the basic Census data available for the past five censuses (1970-2010)..

The price for all of these products, if purchased separately would be $7,950, but as a bundled package it is only $3,995. For information about any given product please use the links above or on the menu.