SF1 2010 in 2000 Boundaries

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The 2010 Summary File (SF1) in 2000 Boundaries has all of the same variables and provides all of the same details about the population of the United States as the 2010 Summary File (SF1). The difference is found in the boundary definitions. It is still the 100 % count of all Americans. It includes race, Hispanics, age of head of household, age of children, presence of older relatives, composition of the family, family size, rent vs. own, etc. But instead of being in the new 2010 boundary definitions this normalized product is instead in the same 2000 geographic boundaries that were used in the 2000 Long Form (SF3) including: Nation, State, County, Tract, Block Group, MCD/CCD, Place, Congressional divisions and Zip (ZCTA), MSA, CMSA, PMSA and Native Lands. And it can run a radius from a Latitude/Longitude coordinate.

Comparison Table

State User $449.00
National User $895.00
Population Subjects (summarized to the block level) 171 variables
Population Subjects (summarized to the census tract level) 82 variables
Population Subjects (summarized to the county level) 10 variables
Housing Subjects (summarized to block level) 57 variables
Housing Subjects (summarized to census tract level) 4 variables


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