2020 Redistricting

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According to Public Law (P.L.) 94-171 the US Census Bureau is mandated to gather and then release the Redistricting Data file. This was the first view of the new boundaries for 2020 and is also the most extensive boundary designations for the Census 2020.

The GeoLytics Redistricting 2020 product has our easy-to-use interface – allowing users to quickly download all of the data for all of the geographies that they want – in whatever format they want (comma separated, tab separated, dbf or a map with the accompanying boundary files).

It includes the following tables of data:

  • Table P1 - Race
  • Table P2 – Hispanic/Latino, and not Hispanic/Latino by Race
  • Table P3 - Race for the Population 18 Years and Over
  • Table P4 – Hispanic/Latino, and not Hispanic/Latino by Race for Those 18 and Older
  • Table H1 - Occupancy Status of Housing Units

The 2020 Redistricting data covers all of the following geographies: Nation, State, County, City/Town, Congressional District, Tract, Block Groups, Blocks, Place, County Subdivision (CMD, CCD), Elementary School District, Secondary School District, Unified School District, American Indian Area/Alaskan Native Area/Hawaiian Home Land (Native Lands), State Legislative District - Lower Chamber, State Legislative District - Upper Chamber, Voting District, Metropolitan Statistical Area, and Metropolitan Division.

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Geographic Identifiers 11 variables
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