Geocoding API Tool Kit Product

from $3,000.00
Product Description

The Geocoding API Tool Kit adds geocoding capabilities to any Microsoft® Windows® software project. By adding a geocoding component, the application has easy access to address verification as well as being able to append outside information such as census data.

The Geocoding API Tool Kit includes a set of programming and data tools, which allows the programmer to easily add it into his existing software program or web application. The API can be used with Miscrosoft's .NET platform only, that is, from programs written in Visual Basic .NET, C# and the like. Our latest updated version is also more suitable for Web applications.

Our database contains mailing addresses for the entire US compressed onto a single DVD.

The standard GeocodingDVD appends demographics from the latest American Community Survey (ACS) 5-Year Estimates data file. There are nearly 100 demographic variables including population, race, housing counts, income, education, etc.


The set includes the following components: geocoding database files, application extensions, documentation, header files and programming samples.

  • Database
    • data.dac
    • indexes.dac
    • parts.dac
    • points.dac
    • uniq.dac
  • DLLs
    • geocode.dll
    • daclib32.dll
  • Documentation
    • manual.txt
  • Header files
    • geocode.h
    • geocode.pas
  • Samples

The geocoding API includes functions to

  • open a geocoding session and specify a location of database files.
  • set geocoding parameters that specify geocoding pre-sorting mode, address matching tolerances, and fallback strategies.
  • pass an address line to geocode.
  • retrieve geocoding results.
  • open a batch geocoding session.
  • specify output file names and output formats for batch geocoding.
  • close geocoding session.


  • DVD drive
  • Microsoft .NET platform
  • The rate of geocoding depends on specified fallback strategies and may vary from a hundred thousand addresses per hour to a few million addresses per hour.


Internal product development pricing is $6,000/year. If you want to embed the Geocoding API Tool Kit into a product that you will be selling then the price is either $1200 per seat or $30,000 for a Professional Use License for a year.

The pricing is for a one-year license for an unlimited number of addresses.