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GeoLytics is excited to introduce our Extended Estimates product line. Our same great products with the same variables and same geographies – now extended out for an additional five and ten years.

We offer a Basic, Professional, and Premium version of these new Extended Estimates. Allowing you to plan further out and see more of the trends that are expected for your area.

If you only need the current year data and the 5 year projections then please select our Basic Estimates, Professional Estimates or Premium Estimates. But if you want these same variables for the current year, 5 year projections, 10 year projections, and 15 year projections than the Extended Estimates are the right product for you.

Comparison Table

  Basic Professional Premium
State Single User $595.00 $1,295.00 $1,895.00
National Single User $1,095.00 $2,495.00 $3,795.00
Geographic Identifiers 25 variables 25 variables 25 variables
Summaries 81 variables 81 variables 81 variables
Population   313 variables 313 variables
Households   36 variables 36 variables
Housing   34 variables 41 variables
Income   41 variables 41 variables
Consumer Expenditures   99 variables 99 variables
Profiles   45 variables 45 variables
School Enrollment Public vs. Private for population 3+, broken out by sex and education   47 variables 47 variables
Educational Attainment for population 25+, broken out by sex and by education level   35 variables 35 variables
Family Income     18 variables
Poverty     6 variables
Labor     15 variables
Occupation     45 variables