Professional Use License

It is permissible to download (export) the data and/or boundaries or a subset of them from the GeoLytics' product (Product Name) (referred to as GeoLytics' product) to be used as a component of the (Name of project) project/product (referred to as Product) to be developed by (Name of Company) (referred to as Company). With the understanding that the Product has been described adequately to the GeoLytics staff and that it is determined that it does not compete directly with any GeoLytics' products, as they currently exist. If the specifications or functionality of the proposed Project change with regard to the data usage or interactivity than the new structure needs be discussed with GeoLytics.

Data Usage:
There are two structures for the usage of GeoLytics' data and/or boundaries in the development of a new Product: Interactive and Static.

  • Static Data Components - the data is reported to the customer/end user in a static format. The report generated is pre-set and the variable selection has been made by the Company. The format of the report and the mode of transmission are irrelevant (paper, email, disk, etc). The geographies at which data are presented are also pre-set by the Company.
  • Interactive Data Components - the end user is allowed to select the variables that they see displayed in the report as well as the geographic levels at which the data is displayed. When the end user is allowed to custom tailor the results this is an interactive data model.

Static Data Components - the Company needs to purchase the GeoLytics product at a 3X level. If the GeoLytics' product costs $800, the Static Professional Use License would be $2,400.

Interactive Data Components - the Company needs to purchase the GeoLytics product at a 5X level. If the GeoLytics' product were $800, the Static Professional Use License would be $4,000.

Per Seat charges - this pricing schedule is available and needs to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. The pricing will be determined based upon the expected sales volume.

Licensing Terms:
Licenses do not need to be renewed (annually or otherwise). If the Company wants to build a different Product they need to repurchase the rights to the data. This contract is only for the use of the data for the specified Project above.

Rights and Acknowledgement:
All rights to the software and data belong to GeoLytics. The Company licenses rights to use the data only, but ownership remains with GeoLytics.

Within the software and its documentation it must be acknowledged that the census/street/zip data contained in this Product is licensed from GeoLytics.

End Users License Agreement:
All other terms and conditions listed in GeoLytics' End Users License Agreement still apply unless specifically altered by this document.