Friday, February 28, 2020  
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StreetDVD 2009

FeaturesVariables Order
StreetDVD 2009 has complete geographic data from the 2009 TIGER/Line® Shapefiles with MAF/TIGER® Feature Class Codes (MTFCC).

MAF/TIGER feature class codes (MTFCC) are used to identify the most noticeable characteristic of a feature. The MTFCC is applied only once to a chain or landmark with preference given to classifications that cover features that are visible to an observer and a part of the ground transportation network. Thus, a road that also is the boundary of a town would have a MTFCC describing its road characteristics, not its boundary characteristics.

Layers available in StreetDVD 2009:

County-Based Shapefiles

edgesAll Lines
areawater Area Hydrography
arealm Area Landmark
pointlm Point Landmark
tabblock Current Block
tabblock00 Census 2000 Block
bg00 Census 2000 Block Group
tract00 Census 2000 Census Tract
cousub Current County Subdivision
cousub00 Census 2000 County Subdivision
submcd Current Subbarrio
submcd00 Census 2000 Subbarrio
taz00 Census 2000 Traffic Analysis Zone (TAZ)
vtd00 Census 2000 Voting District (VTD)

County-Based Relationship Files

addrfn Address Range-Feature Name Relationship
addr Address Ranges Relationship
featnames Feature Names Relationship
faces Topological Faces (2-cells With All Geocodes) Relationship
facesah Topological Faces-Area Hydrography Relationship
facesal Topological Faces-Area Landmark Relationship

State-Based Shapefiles

anrc Current Alaska Native Regional Corporation (ANRC)
anrc00 Census 2000 Alaska Native Regional Corporation (ANRC)
cd110 Current (110th) Congressional District
cd108 108th Congressional District
cd106 106th Congressional District
concity Current Consolidated City
concity00 Census 2000 Consolidated City
county Current County and Equivalent
county00 Census 2000 County and Equivalent
place Current Place
place00 Census 2000 Place
puma100 Census 2000 1-Percent Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA1)
puma500 Census 2000 5- or 10-Percent* Public Use Microdata Area (PUMA5)
elsd Current Elementary School District
elsd00 Census 2000 Elementary School District
scsd Current Secondary School District
scsd00 Census 2000 Secondary School District
unsd Current Unified School District
unsd00 Census 2000 Unified School District
sldl Current State Legislative District Lower Chamber (SLDL)
sldl00 Census 2000 State Legislative District Lower Chamber (SLDL)
sldu Current State Legislative District Upper Chamber (SLDU)
sldu00 Census 2000 State Legislative District Upper Chamber (SLDU)
uga00 Census 2000 Urban Growth Area (UGA)

Nation-Based Shapefiles

us_aiannh Current American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Area (AIANNH)
us_aiannh00 Census 2000 American Indian/Alaska Native/Native Hawaiian Area (AIANNH)
us_aitsn Current American Indian Tribal Subdivision (AITS)
us_aitsn00 Census 2000 American Indian Tribal Subdivision (AITS)
us_cnecta Current Combined New England City and Town Area (CNECTA)
us_csa Current Combined Statistical Area (CSA)
us_metdiv Current Metropolitan Division
us_cbsa Current Metropolitan Statistical Area/Micropolitan Statistical Area (CBSA)
us_necta Current New England City and Town Area (NECTA)
us_nectadiv Current New England City and Town Area (NECTA) Division
us_state Current State and Equivalent
us_state00 Census 2000 State and Equivalent
us_zcta300 Census 2000 3-Digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA3)
us_zcta500 Census 2000 5-Digit ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA5)

American Indian Area (AIA)-Based Shapefiles

aitsaia Current American Indian Tribal Subdivision (AITS)
aitsaia00 Census 2000 American Indian Tribal Subdivision (AITS)


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