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GeocodingDVD Advanced Options

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Fuzzy Logic to clean your file and maximize your "hit" rate.

For example if you allow place-based zip code match then if the address is not found in a given zip code (let’s say 2 numbers are transposed so instead of 08816 you have 08861) or if there is just a typo and it is 00816. The address will fail. But allowing for place-based zip code matching means that the geocoder will search all zip codes associated with East Brunswick NJ (in this example) and would then be able to locate your address and correct the zip code.

Here are the fuzzy logic options available:

Option What the logic allows
Allow phonetic match of state name The full state name in an address (but not an abbreviation) will be matched phonetically
Allow place-based zip code match If a street is not found in a zip, you can allow scanning other zips associated with the place
Allow phonetic match of street name The geocoder will use phonetic matching for street names
Disregard house number parity Normally the geocoder matches even/odd addresses with even/odd address ranges. You can specify to disregard this practice
Allow closest address match Finds the closest address range to match the house number (rather than an accurate one)
Allow fuzzy street type match For example, your list has avenue and it will geocode with road or street
Geocode no matter what Geocoder will always use the closest (rather than accurate) match

Offset coordinates to street side
Alters the longitude and latitude coordinates to be offset by the specified number of feet or meters according to the street side at which the address has been found. The default is 30 – since we know that houses are not in fact sitting on the edge of the road but usually are back a distance covered by the front lawn.

Clean address list
If checked, a xxx_clean_nnn.txt file with syntactically correct addresses is created.

Load area map
If checked, you can view a map of your points with the block group boundaries superimposed over them.

Load street map
If checked, you can view a map of your points with the streets superimposed over them – they will not be labeled until you zoom in sufficiently to read them.


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