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2000 Short Form Blocks

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CensusCD 2000/Short Form Blocks contains all Short Form data on the block level, thus providing very detailed information about the population of the United States. It has demographic information at the block level for each of the 8+ Million blocks from the most recent US 2000 Census.

The variables include race (and Hispanic designation), age of head of household, age of children, presence of older relatives, composition of the family, family size, rent vs. own, etc.

You can select various levels of geography: Nation, Region, Division, State, County, and Tract to view the data. The data will be presented at the Block level. For example, you can look at the State of Pennsylvania, at the block level for Age of Head of Household or you could look at Montgomery County (PA) or even just one of the census tracts in Montgomery County.

CensusCD 2000/Short Form Blocks is an integrated data and software package. Data reports and color-coded maps are created with just a few keystrokes from the CDs. This dataset is so large that it is divided among 4 regional CD's.


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