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The data set for the Tracts, SMSA, Central City and Nation includes 56 tables covering 441 variables such as total population, race, age, household relationships, school enrollment and attainment, income, marital status, employment, industry of employment, occupation, housing numbers, condition of housing units, rent, value of property and more. There are also maps available for the tract level data.
In addition there are state and county level data about population, race (white and black), births and births per 1,000 people.
The Tables include:
Geographic Identifiers
Population and Housing Variable
Total Population, Urban and Rural
Household Relationship
School Enrollment, Ages 5-34
Years of School Completed, Ages 25+
Residence in 1955
Different House in U.S.
Family Income for Families in 1959
Income for Unrelated Individuals in 1959
Age - Total Males
Age - Total Females
Age - White Males
Age - White Females
Marital Status - Total Males Aged 14 and Over
Marital Status - Total Females Aged 14 and Over
Marital Status - Non White Males Aged 14 and Over
Marital Status - Non White Males Aged 14 and Over
Male Employment Status
Female Employment Status
Married Women in Labor Force
Males Employed, by Occupation
Females Employed, by Occupation
Class of Workers
Total Employed by Industry
Means of Transportation to Work
Place of Work
Males 14 Plus, Not in Labor Force
Females 14 Plus, Not in Labor Force
Tenure and Vacancy Status
Condition of Houses
Condition of Plumbing, All Units
Number of Bathrooms
Number of Units in Structure
Year Structure Built
Owner Occupied
Heating Equipment
Number of Person in Household, Owner Occupied
Number of Person in Household, Renter Occupied
Persons Per Room
Year Moved into Unit (Total)
Year Moved into Unit (Owner Occupied)
Auto Available (Occupied Units)
Value of Property (Total)
Gross Rent (Total)
Contract Rent
Stories and Elevators
Source of Water
Sewage Disposal
Heating Fuels for Occupied Units

For a complete list of all of the variables click here.


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