Friday, February 28, 2020  
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Block Level Estimates


2019 Block Estimates - Now Available

If you need up-to-date information at the smallest level of census geography, GeoLytics offers the latest U.S. population and housing estimates at the Block Level. There are over 8 million blocks in the U.S. and we offer our expanded list of current year population and housing estimates at this small geography. Use these granular level data to do statistical analysis of population and housing distributions and target very small geographic areas.

Our expanded variable list includes sex by age by race for the most precise population estimates available. We also have occupancy, owner vs. renter, households, families, and much more. To view the complete list of variables, click on the "Variables" tab at the top of this page.

GeoLytics Block Estimates come as a flat .csv file for easy importing into your spreadsheet or statistical software packages. It is available at county and state level increments, so pricing depends on the number of counties or states that you want.

Pricing is available for the nation, a single state, a selection of counties, a single county, and smaller selections. For all 8+ million blocks of the nation for all the population variables, the price is $3,500. For a single state, it is $2,000. Multiple counties (up to 5) are $1,500. A single county is $1,000. Anything less than a single county is $800.

To purchase these data or to obtain pricing on other geographic areas or fewer variables, please call GeoLytics at 1-800-577-6717.


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