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Annual Estimates 2011-2017

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2011-2017 Demographic Data Available

We have Estimates for each of the years 2011 through the current year. We have packaged together the years 2011-2015. They are all in the same 2010 boundaries. If you want the historic current year estimates (2001-2009) please click here. We also sell Estimates with 5-year Projections (for example 2015/2020) instead of multiple single years. Please you the sidebar to select Basic, Professional or Premium Estimates. For researchers who want to look at the annual trends we have special pricing for multi-year packages.

Like our current estimates and 5-year projections Annual Estimates are offered as three different versions giving you more and more data.

Annual Estimates 2011-2017 (basic) has our reliable demographics, including variables such total population, population change, total households, race, age, gender, household income, owners, vs. renters, and more.

Annual Estimates Professional 2011-2017 has even more data than our basic Annual Estimates. This product includes all the variables on the standard product, and also expands on them to look at complete break-outs of sex by age by race, household types and household size, median incomes by race, and consumer expenditures, as well as school enrollment for population 3+ in public vs. private schools by the level of education and by sex, as well as educational attainment for population 25+ also broken out by sex.

Annual Estimates Premium 2011-2017 has the most data and even has new geographies added as well. This product includes all the variables on the standard product and the Professional version, and also expands on them to look at poverty, employment, family income and indicators of poverty (no car, not phone, etc).

New geographies are available in the latest edition of the Annual Estimates Premium - now we also include Towns (County Subdivisions), Cities (Places), and MSAs.

Each product has GeoLytics' built-in map viewer that lets you create thematic maps of your variables, as well as quickly and easily export data and geographic boundaries. All three products have their data available in the following geographies: nation, states, counties, tracts, block groups, and zip codes. You can also run a radius around a latitude/longitude point.


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