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Customer Profiling

Do you need to know your typical customer or client demographics? What the income, employment, and education level is for the neighborhoods where your customers live? Customer Profiling is central to understanding basic characteristics about your customers or client list. For example, you might want to break your customer file into two groups: those who bought multiple times versus those who have not; or those that have purchased one product line versus those that have purchased another, etc. Then run the lists separately and see if there are differences between them by home ownership, income or even age. This will help you better target your best customers and help you see how to position smaller product lines that you offer.

GeoLytics' Market Segmentation and GeocodeDVD will both process customer lists and return to you the profile of the people who live in the area immediately surrounding each address.

Spectrum Market Segmentation appends over 80 profiles to your addresses describing your customers in complex sociological terms as well as including several single variable demographic profiles allowing you to assess who lives in each of these areas: Are they Young Families in Smaller Cities or are they Working Class Single Suburbanites? Spectrum will not only give you the profiles but also tell you how many people qualify for each of the profiles in that area.

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The GeocodeDVD is GeoLytics principal geocoding software. This DVD lets you run lists of addresses in batch or single address mode, and it automatically assigns the latitude/longitude, block number, and appends 60+ demographic variables. We also have GeocodeDVD with Estimates and Projections that can automatically append the latest demographic Estimates and Projections to your addresses.

For more information on the GeocodeDVD, please click here.

To order the GeocodeDVD, please click here.

If you don't have a complete address, but do have the zip +4 code, then you can use the Zip+4 DVD to profile your file. The basic Zip+4 will append the 60+ demographic variables from the 2000 Census or you can select our expanded version of Zip+4 DVD with Demographics that adds up-to-date demographic estimates and 5-year projections data to zip+4 records for easy customer profiling.

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For information on the Zip+4 DVD, please click here.

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