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Educational 2007 Estimates and 2012 Projections

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The Educational Estimates data set has an expanded list of 700+ education variables for 2007 and projected to 2012. Variables in this data set include complete tables of educational attainment for the population over 25, broken out by race and by gender. This includes variables such as the number of adults with graduate degrees, college degrees, associates, high school completion, or GED, all the way down to no schooling at all. A second set of variables includes the population aged 3 and above who are in school. What grade are they in? Is it public or private school? See the complete list of variables by clicking on the "Variables" tab above.

The Educational Estimates are a great edition to your current 2007 Estimates and 2012 Projections, or the Estimates Professional 2007. The geographies available are block groups, tracts, counties, states, and zip codes. The price is $300 for the complete set of national data, or $150 for a single state of data. Data comes as a flat .csv file that can easily be opened and imported into database and spreadsheet software. Data includes both the 2007 estimates and the 2012 projections.


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